[Montclair High School class of 1971]

Nancy Anisfield

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A New Jersey native, I moved to northern Vermont 26 years ago, not knowing the difference between a shotgun and a rifle. A few years plus marriage to a duck hunter later, I learned. Duck hunting never interested me much, however. The combination of the 3 a.m. wake-up, ice cold water and patience required weren’t enough to lure me to the site of our retrievers’ exploits. However, when an upland hunting preserve opened nearby and I had the opportunity to watch pointing dogs work, life as I knew it changed.

Fast forward and I was addicted. Harley, my German shorthair pointer, and I worked together guiding pheasant hunts at the preserve where I first saw a bird dog point. We’ve hunted (with my husband, Terry Wilson, and Scrub, his German wirehair) in Vermont, Maine, New York, and New Brunswick. My addiction has also drawn me to upland bird hunts in South Dakota, Texas, Kansas, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii. I’m currently training my second shorthair and teaching an annual course on shotgunning and upland bird hunting for Vermont’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman program.

I’m lucky to have had my career path converge with my outdoor interests. Better put, I get to work at what I play at. I am senior editor for The Upland Almanac, a beautiful upland bird hunting magazine focusing on conservation, shotguns, dog training, hunting strategies, and travel destinations. I am also the creative entity behind Terry’s company, Ugly Dog Hunting, which offers upland hunting clothes, gear and dog equipment. For Ugly Dog, I write and design the catalog, with a special interest in "Ugly Dog for Women" – where we’re trying to meet the challenge of finding good upland gear for women.

My outdoor writing resume starts several years back with many articles in Vermont’s Outdoors magazine and continues through The Bird Hunting Report, Women in the Outdoors and, of course, The Upland Almanac.