[Montclair High School Class of 1971]

Bernard J. Arntz

News Release

Morris County Prosecutor's Office
Morristown, NJ

Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.
Prosecutor, Morris County
Media Contact: Agent Robyn D'Onofrio

December 7, 2007

Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi, Esq., Deputy Chief of Investigations William Schievella, Morris County Sheriff Edward V. Rochford, and Morris Township Chief of Police Michael Loughman announce the investigation into a fatal motor vehicle accident which took place today.

At approximately 8:05 am, a 911 call was placed to the Morris County Communications Center reporting a motor vehicle crash on Mendham Road. Bernard J. Arntz, age 54, of Morristown, was operating a silver four door 2001 Honda Accord. He was traveling east on Mendham Road where he collided head on with a 2007 Bentley being operated by Claire Eckert, age 48, of Bernardsville, who was traveling west on Mendham Road. Eckert suffered minor injuries and was transported to Morristown Memorial Hospital. Arntz was pronounced dead at 8:15 am by Dr. Mark Mandel via Medic 11 from Morristown Memorial Hospital.

The accident is being investigated by the Morris Township Police Department, Morris County Prosecutor's Office, Morris County Sheriff's Department, and the Morris County Medical Examiner's Office.

Also assisting at the scene were the Morris County Park Police, Mendham Township Police Department, Morris Minutemen First Aid Squad and the Morris Township Fire Department.

The investigation is on-going and any witnesses to this crash are asked to contact the Morris Township Police Department Traffic and Safety Unit at (973) 539-0777.

[Press release copied from http://www.morrisnjpros.org/news/2007/morris_twp_fatal_accident.htm on January 28, 2007. The page is now available at http://morrisprosecutor.org/pressarchives/2007_12_01_archive.asp#8102615568697262782.]

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